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Replace your DJ with a Jukebox.  This is a very popular touchscreen model jukebox from Touchtunes. There are colors that change on both sides of the box that really makes it come alive! This machine includes the top songs of each genre such as country, pop, rock and others. One of the best features of the jukebox is that the music on the jukebox can be catered for each individual person. 

Ferris Wheel
Carnival Swing Ride


Choose from stunning new games like the World’s Largest Pac Man, Galaga Assault, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Killer Instinct and more.  Our selection and quality is second to none.


Choose from all your favorites like basketball, football, boxing machines, golf putting machines, and even sports related games such and Golden Tee Golf.

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Amusement Park Skyline


Table games are great to bring a party together.  We have new pool tables and foosball tables in stock and also have a full line of air hockey, ping pong, CFhexx Bubble Hockey, andl shuffleboard.

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Kiddy Games

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